Berardius Minimus

The Berardius Minimus is a new species of whale, but does not have similar features of a typical whale. The B. Minimus has a short beak is a dark gray/black color, and is smaller then other recently discovered whales in the Berardius species. A typical adult will average around seven meters long. The first sightings of these whales were on beaches on the coast of Okhotsk in Russia, and by whalers in Hokkaido, which is the second main island in Japan.

These species of whales have been know to specialize in very deep water and diving for long periods of time. Researchers are still trying to figure out whether or not if the B. Minimus is a new species, because of it very odd body shape. Also from all the information they’ve gathered, no one has seen a adult female, which would be able to answer more questions about the B. Minimus being considered a new species. Universities in Hokkaido teamed up with other departments of zoology and mammals to publish a formal paper, involving the discovery of the B. Minimus on August 30th, 2019.

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