Genie’s Dogfish

The Genie’s dogfish, scientifically known as the Squalus Clarkae was found in the depths of the Golf of Mexico. The shark itself is only around 20 to 28 inches long, but it’s most interesting quality is how big it’s eyes are. According to researchers, it’s hard to determine a new species just from looking at the animal itself. A process must be done by taking a sample of its blood and looking at it’s genetics. This will show the evolutionary process the creature has been through as well as it’s morphology.

Most new shark species being found are in low population sizes because of shark finning and overfishing. The problem is that when these fishing boats go out in Gulf or the Atlantic ocean, they go out fishing at depths where most of these deep water sharks live in. This causes the sharks to be accidentally caught. This may not be the intent for the fishers, but after being caught if the fishermen decide to release the sharks the chances for the creature to live are cut severely. I think that governments need to focus on creating more laws to prevent fishermen from overfishing, and increase the number of people who will actually enforce the laws. This is a big problem is areas near the Atlantic ocean, where most ocean species of fish are on the brink of extinction. This needs to change otherwise the oceans may not ever recover from the human races mistakes.

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