Deepstaria Jellyfish

The Deepstaria Jellyfish was a new type of jellyfish found 2,500 feet deep in the pacific ocean. This discovery was found by a group called “Ocean Exploration Trust” and was finally confirmed and published in September. The group originally thought it was a normal deep sea jelly until it began to unfold and expanded to look like a big sleeve of organic tissue. From the pictures provided in the article the jelly looks like a see through ghost with a few organs. The odd thing about this jellyfish is that it doesn’t have any stinging tentacles, which is very confusing.

The reason it’s so odd to find a jellyfish species without any stinging tentacles is because they use their tentacles to hunt. When a jellyfish’s tentacle comes into contact with its prey venom gets injected onto the prey and gets stun by the tentacle. After the prey is poisoned and stung it uses the tentacle to bring the prey to its mouth to be digested. That is how a typical jelly eats, and is why researchers are confused by how it eats. Personally I found this article very interesting, as well as watching the video of the researchers finding the species and getting their first reactions. To see the jellyfish as one initial shape, to then morphing into something completely different was mind-boggling and makes me wonder what other creatures live in the depths of the ocean.

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