Frilled Shark

The Frilled Shark, scientifically know as “Chlamydoselachus Anguineus” is a terrifying creature that’s body resembles an eel. The name of the shark comes from its snake like head that opens up to look like a prehistoric dinosaur. On each side of its body are frill like gills which allow the creature to live very deep in the ocean. The biggest recorded Frilled shark ever caught was nearly seven feet long, and was found to live up to 25 years. They can also be commonly found at depths of 5,000 feet in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Scientist have come to the conclusion that these sharks hunt by waiting for prey to come to them and then striking them like a snake does. Not to much else is know of these rare creatures. The IUCN, a company that records all data of endangered/threatened species says the Frilled shark is no where near being on the list. Rarely commercial fishers will pull up a shark or two but they are not in any danger. To my surprise there was a group of researchers who tried to care for a Frilled shark in a man made aquarium, but couldn’t recreate the same environment for the shark to thrive in. It was then said it died a few hours later.

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