Sarcastic Fringehead

The Sarcastic Fringehead, scientifically known as Neoclinus Blanchardi is a very odd predatorial fish. From an outsiders look at the creature it looks like an ordinary long eel/fish, but once you get in its face its mouth completely opens up like the scene of the Dilophosaurus in Jurassic park. This fish was found in the pacific coast closest to North America. This fish is also extremely predatorial and will let nothing near its home without a fight.

These fish commonly live in shells or holes made underground, they may also fight other crabs for a better shell to live in. This is becoming an issue for the fish because of human intervention. The pollution of the ocean and coast lines make it extremely hard for these animals to live in its natural habitat. Scientist are now finding more and more of the Fringeheads to be living inside empty cans, bottles, and other trash they can find. This can cause many of the fish health problems depending on the item they live in and may even cause them to get stuck inside of there home. I found it very interesting how in many of the researchers that encountered this rare fish have had issues with these fish attacking them. Even to go as far as the fish biting through divers wet suits and leaving holes. To think that a tiny fish like this can bite through a wet suit I wonder how much damage it could do to someone’s finger.

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