The Chimaera

The Chimaera or scientifically known as Hydrolagus Colliei is a fish species discovered in 1953, by a man named Dmitry Obruchev. Chimaeras lived deep in the ocean around 8,000 ft. deep, and are know to have very soft bodies with a rock like head. The largest found Chimaera was five feet long and was a ghost like color. They can be commonly found in temperate and cold waters along the coastline.

Chimaera’s have four pectoral fins to allow them to swim quickly through the water. To defend themselves they have a poisonous spike on the first dorsal fin closest to its head. If attacked by a predator the fin will straighten up and the spike will get stuck in the predators mouth if bitten, just like a stingray. Although not as harmful as a stingray, the attacker will still be poisoned. Chimaera’s would be considered a delicacy in some places, and was once harvest for the oil to be used for a lubricant.

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