The Pocket Shark

The pocket shark, or scientifically known as “Mollisquama Parini”, which resembles a sperm whale was recently found in the gulf of Mexico. The shark itself is only 12 centimeters long, but what scientist have found is that the sharks organs actually produce light. This would allow the shark to glow in the depths of the ocean. Scientist have only been able to capture one other of these specimen previously, and that was in 1979 in Russia.

The nickname “Pocket Shark” isn’t from how small the shark actually is, but rather from the pocket like hole found under its pectoral fins. After looking through a few articles published by various sites, it seems that the pocket shark is a very rare find. It also amazes me how well adapted these creatures are to its environment. These species of sharks are so adapted to living in the depth of the ocean that there own organs can produce a liquid that makes there body glow. It all seems so surreal to me that all these creatures actually exist.

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